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Scouting Bio for our Newsletter Editor Pete Purrington

Pete was a Boy Scout from 1979-1984 with Troop 260 in Suffield, CT., Long Rivers Council.  He attained the rank of Life Scout and served as a Patrol Leader, SPL and JASM.  In 1981 he was elected into the OA with Eluwak Lodge #59.  He completed his Brotherhood in 1981 and was given the Vigil Honor in 1983.  Pete also served as a Chapter Chief.  Pete first came to TMR in 1985 where he served on the Keowa Waterfront.  That same year he completed the National Camp School Aquatics  course.  In 1986 he served as the Keowa Services Director.  Pete helped re-colonize the Theta Chi Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega but was called away to military service before he could be inducted.  He has been a volunteer since.  Pete graduated Medical School from the George Washington University in Washington, DC and then went on to serve on active duty with US Army Medical Corp as a field surgeon and has achieved the rank of  Major.  Pete currently is practicing medicine in Clarksville, TN and is currently married and the father of 3.  Currently Pete serves as our Newsletter Editor.