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Scouting Bio for our Treasurer Paul Campisi

In the late 70's, Paul Campisi became a Cub Scout.  In 1980 Paul joined Troop 170 in the Bronx.  As an adult, Paul continues to server his home Troop in the Bronx as Assistant Scoutmaster, and later as a member of the Troop Committee.  He was inducted as an adult into the Order of the Arrow, Ranaqua Lodge #4.  He later transferred to Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 where he sealed his membership by attaining Brotherhood.  Paul is the fundraising chairman of his home Troop, where he has had a successful tenure.  He was a co-chairman of the Troop 170 75th Anniversary celebration in 2002.  He completed Scoutmaster Fundamentals in 1999.  He successfully attended Woodbadge Course NEII-114 in 2000, and received his Beads in June, 2002.  Paul also received the Scouters Training Award in 1999.  Paul is currently the FOTMR Treasurer.  Paul is a banker for a major banking chain.  He is married and him and his wife reside in White Plains, NY.